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Sunday morning and the bed I'm in is cold
Sunday morning you're no longer here to hold
Of all the fleeting moments,
And all of the things that you said
How we'd figure it out, we'll figure this out
We try, and we try, but always fall back again

Afternoon comes knock-knockin' at my door
Thought it was you but I mistakenly was too sure
Just a bundle of bad news
Full of all in the world that is wrong
So I'll read it and weep as I'm trying to keep
My wits about the only thing I

Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling

Evening sets in as I set out my evening tea
The kettle's screaming 'bout the things you once whispered to me
All our plans fondly spoken of
And all of the things we would be
How we'd settle our ways, but since you walked away
Now I'll try, and I'll try just to figure this out and

Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling
Hold, this feeling


from BLISS POINT, released August 4, 2015
Music and Lyrics by Menashé David Israel & Kéren
Produced by Brian Wertheim & David Kitay
Mixed by John Hull
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis
Recorded in Malibu, CA and New York, NY spring of 2012 & 2013
Engineered by Brian Wertheim
Additional Engineering by John Hull, David Kitay & Chase Ryan


Vocals- Kéren & Menashe David Israel
Guitars- Brian Wertheim & Menashe David Israel
Drums- Bruno Erubilsky
Perc- Brian Wertheim, Kéren, Menashe David Israel
Piano- Brian Wertheim
Glock- Brian Wertheim
Bass- Edwin Carranza
Synth- Brian Wertheim


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